Tiffany's Poster for the Metropolitan Museum by John Chao

There was a time, before the internet, when posters were popular. It was the counter-culture way of displaying self-identity, a hip form of rebellion. Whether on home walls, offices, or the streets, posters took flight as social defiance, protest and with time, they became affordable forms of art and decoration.

Today, a “post” on Facebook or Instagram conversely serves the same. They are expressions of our state of mind; our need to be heard and desire to be seen. In this fast-paced electronic age, perhaps a poster only serves to be an archeological reminder of how we felt.

In 1985 I was commissioned by the Metropolitan Museum of Art to go to the Morse Museum of American Art in Winter Park, Florida and photograph their collection of Tiffany glass windows. These bigger than life sized windows were a formidable challenge, especially considering it was in the pre-digital era. The museum made five popular posters from the commission and the rest are buried in their archive.

Tiffany's Poster for the Metropolitan Museum by John Chao

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