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The 80’s was the heyday of high production value Corporate Annual Reports. I was lucky to be recruited by Arnold Sachs, one of the top designers in NYC to work on several projects. 

Here are some samples that illustrate the production value and timeless elegance created by the hands of a master. Obviously my job was to provide visuals, but working with the great, I learned the value of minimal design… Less is more!


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Bogota, Colombia 1974

Bogota 10-years before narcos and Pablo Escobar was a magical place. I landed in Bogota’s high-altitude El Dorado airport in the cockpit of a Boeing 70…

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1990’s DECADE

SINK OR SWIM: The ’90s were filled with risk and perils. A decade of demanding faith and vision. Jumping before knowing where to land. A decade filled with challenges, difficulties and yet breathtaking miracles.

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FACING REFORMATION From the jungles, back to school to New York and all the roads in between, it was time to stop bushwacking.

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