A Script

Walter and Lewis Ordway at the Continental Divide in Colorado in 2015

First movie Script by John Chao

Movie scripts are exercises of pure visualization. I’m fortunate to have stumbled onto this discipline akin to my photography journey. Like most good things in life, it just organically accrued, ten-years counting and close to my heart. It’s an endeavor I am proud to have embarked —  on a story beyond my expectations.

From a young age, Walter Ordway fought his emerging false American upbringing. As a young man, he achieved freedom by bicycling around the world for 23-years. He realized LIFE could make better decisions and aimed to stay out of the way! Hello Dalai is his true rambling story that challenges our expectations. When this western-rebel laconically confronts the Dalai Lama, a shocking, life-altering-transformation occurs. It’s irony, twists, humor, music, and confirmation when LIFE, knocks on heaven’s door.

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1970’s DECADE

DECADE OF ADVENTURE: Fresh and exciting, a decade of innocent encounters, whether temporal or spiritual, all powerful awakenings. A dance of light, faith, and form, converging in time, out of chaos into moments of delight and awe.

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ADVENTURE BEGINS with the first photograph published and paid for by the Chicago Tribune. Suddenly the camera became a ticket to adventure…

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