Mosier, Oregon 2014

Jim Grossman

Loving Father, World Champion Kayaker, Special Olympics Organizer

Jim Grossman, 56, died May 30th, 2022, doing what he loves, kayaking. John Kerry, the godfather of Jimmy’s son Buey, said: “He paddled into a water hole and never came out.” The news hit me hard in the waking hours on the opposite side of the world. I was not able to express my shock and sorrow until my return.

I came to know Jimmy when his father, Sam, introduced us during Kerry’s presidential run in 2013. We teamed up and scoured New Hampshire, giving away 20,000 copies of my magazine that featured the then-Senator John Kerry on the cover. Since the fortuitous campaign, Jim Grossman and I have become life-long friends. He would visit me frequently with his son and daughter in tow: always with a carload of skis, kayaks, and planned activities. Always being the doting, loving, caring, and brilliantly instructive father. Their visits were always magical, and since we shared a love of photography, they were always full of visually collected moments.

A tribute to my friend — son of Sam Grossman, father of Buey & Saba Grossman — a few magical moments of a life well-lived. 

2010’s DECADES

GRATITUDE: A decade beyond expectation. I learned to live in the moment instead of capturing the moment. . . simply, being present to welcome the moment.

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2000’s DECADE

HEAT’S ON: A decade of transformation. The dawning of the age of Aquarius. Water turning to steam. Fruition from the quest was liberating. It was a decade that exchanged ambition for the magic of the unknown.

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NEW WORK: I went to Llasa to see how the Chinese occupation has changed Tibet. I was moved by the reverence and inner strength of the people. I thought if the Chinese can embrace Tibet, i.e. The Dalai Lama, they will find the secret to longevity.

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NEW WORK: Enter to see photo: This is a work in progress page. SUBSCRIBE for the latest stories, blogs and (if I’ve taken pictures of you in the last 50 years) don’t miss friendship updates. Thank You!

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It may not be Art but it's a collectable!

Dawna Price

Future blog page about world traveler Dawna Price will be added here soon. Enter now to see photos. Since 2018.

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Karl Katz

A future blog about Karl Katzwill be added here. Enter now to see photos. Circa 1973.

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Barry Coleman

My future blog about the late Barry Coleman will be completed here soon. Enter now to see photos. Circa 2015

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Robert Pledge

Future blog page about Robert Pledge the founder of Contact Photo Agency will be added here. Enter now to see photos. Since 1984.

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