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Kroum Tirilov

Poet & Master Plumber

Welcome to the future blog page about Kroum Tirilov, restaurateur and master plumber.  Click the “Like” button as a vote to expedite its completion of this page or click below to stay connected and be notified for all future updates.restaurateur


1980’s DECADE

INDULGING DEFIANCE: Photography gave me wings but also a sense of boundless creativity. This was a decade of independence, anti-establishment. It was a decade that avoided entrapment, both stylistic and accomplishment,. an era of exploration and renaissance.

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A Year in the '70s


YEAR OF ANTICIPATION First-year of College, trying to fit a round peg into a square hole. Former LOOK Magazine photographer became a…

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Doug Crow

A future blog about Doug Crow will be added here. Enter now to see photos. Since 2009.

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Sarah Leen

A future blog about NG Magazine Photo Editor Sarah Leenwill be added here. Enter now to see photos. Since 1979.

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