Walter Ordway and Lewis at the continental divide in Colorado in 2015​

First movie Script by John Chao

It’s also a natural progression for a photographer to evolve into script writing because it’s visual. Like most good things in my repertoire, it wasn’t planned. It just organically grew. Where does it go? I don’t try to define. I am just pleased, proud to have manifested an achievement, ten-years in the making.

From a young age, Walter Ordway fought his hypnotic and hypocritical American upbringing. As a young man, he found freedom by bicycling around the world for 23-years. He found LIFE making better decisions than he could and learned stay out of the way! Hello Dalai is a true episodic movie that defies expectations. When a western-rebel laconically confronts the Dalai Lama, shocking transformation can be found. It’s irony, twists, humor, affirmation and music when LIFE, knocks on heaven’s door.

don't kiss goodbyE