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John Kerry

A future blog about John Kerry.will be added here. Enter now to see photos. Circa 1999.

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John & Anne Glenn


I JOINED THE 2004 JOHN KERRY PRESIDENTIAL RACE on the last day of the campaign. After an evening rally in Cleveland, I was finally boarding one of the two chartered planes waiting on the lakefront tarmac. “At least I’m on the same plane as Kerry”… I thought.

Wide-eyed, I made my way toward the back of the plane, hoping to join many of the celebrated journalists when someone stopped me and pointed to my name above one of the eight first-class staff seats. “Wow!”… I exclaimed.

Onboard the campaign plane and seated next to me was Annie Glenn-quite a shock.! Her graciousness put me at ease.

Before I was able to sit, Kerry came on board and spotted me. With what the authority of a SWIFT boat captain, he hailed…”John Chao, right here!” and pointed his finger at a long couch in the forward cabin. 

Already out of place and certainly feeling undeserving, I began to object, to which the weary senator looked at me, rolled his eyes and said, “Sit down and shut up!” 

I grabbed my cameras, embarrassed at being singled out, I made my way toward my newly assigned seat. I was warmly greeted by John Glenn whom I had met years before at the capital building and was introduced to his wife Annie. They were riding to the next rally and being dropped off in Akron, Ohio. 

I sat on the couch with Annie. Unlike the shy reputation attributed to her in the movie “The Right Stuff”, she turned to me and completely put me at ease. We started chatting like old friends and ignored the two senators swiveling on their captain’s chairs. 

When the plane took off, both of us were sideways with no seatbelts or handholds. When the climb turned steep, it crushed me against her with surprising force. There was nothing I could do to prevent the moment. When it became an eternity, we both started to chuckle. 

I looked across at the Senator who was graciously smiling, (when John Glenn smiles, you can’t see his eyes) and I mischievously returned his gaze. Looking over at Kerry who was either oblivious because this happened frequently or, merely because he was caught-up in another world, I returned to Annie, up-close-and-personal. Smiling and with the most sincere voice I could  muster and asked, “Tell me… Is he the jealous type?

2010’s DECADES

GRATITUDE: A decade beyond expectation. I learned to live in the moment instead of capturing the moment. . . simply, being present to welcome the moment.

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1970’s DECADE

DECADE OF ADVENTURE: Fresh and exciting, a decade of innocent encounters, whether temporal or spiritual, all powerful awakenings. A dance of light, faith, and form, converging in time, out of chaos into moments of delight and awe.

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