In sixty-five years we have brought Mt.Everest to its knees. Human excrement, garbage, and dead bodies have desecrated this once pristine and delicate ecology. Water running off this mountain has been declared unsafe to drink and feared to be diseased laden.

Added to this alarm is the disappearance of glacier storage due to Climate Change. I took this picture 10 days ago in the middle of May, I was told that it just snowed two days before to give me a respectable top. 

One can’t help wonder how is this mountain range going to sustain 9 major rivers if this trend continues.

China has taken considerable actions in Tibet to fight Climate Change, (most notably the restriction on gas-powered mopeds and cycles). Nepal is slow to act. While clean up have started on the garbage side, severe restrictions are slow to come for fear of disrupting the economy. Kathmandu is a nightmare millions of gas spewing bikes right up against the windward face of the Himalayans.

HERE’s A LIST OF THE NINE RIVERS: (Imagine the number of people depending on them!)

Indus/Sindu River: 3,200 km.
Sutlej River: 1,450 km.
Ganges/Ganga River 2,700 km
Barhmaputra River 2,840 km
Mekong River 4,908 km
Yangtze River 6,397 km
Yellow River 5,464km
Salween River 3,240 km
Irrawaddy River 2,714 km