La Guajira


La Guajira is Colombian’s northernmost peninsula protruding into the Caribbean Sea and bordering Venezuela with large dunes along the coast. It is a region made famous by the wrongly convicted French prisoner Henri Chamrriere and his nicknamed book Papillon ‘butterfly’. The film came out in 1973, the same year of my visit starring Steve McQueen. The film depicted his numerous escapes from the French penal colony in Guiana (known as Devil’s Island), his assimilation into the Guajira Indians by marrying two teenage sisters. He impregnated both before being recaptured a few months later.



2010’s DECADES

GRATITUDE: A decade beyond expectation. I learned to live in the moment instead of capturing the moment. . . simply, being present to welcome the moment.

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A Year in the 1970's


YEAR OF ANTICIPATION First-year of College, trying to fit a round peg into a square hole. Former LOOK Magazine photographer became a…

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