Commercial Fishermen of Long Island


Future Portfolio Page on the commercial fishermen of Long Island; sign-up for the update notification link below.



Bogota, Colombia 1974

Bogota 10-years before narcos and Pablo Escobar was a magical place. I landed in Bogota’s high-altitude El Dorado airport in the cockpit of a Boeing 70…

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John Chao Photography

Wounaans, Panama 1973

The Wounaans are a tropical forest group of indigenous people dispersed along the border of Panama and Colombia. Originally part of the Choco linguistic family…

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1970’s DECADE

DECADE OF ADVENTURE: Fresh and exciting, a decade of innocent encounters, whether temporal or spiritual, all powerful awakenings. A dance of light, faith, and form, converging in time, out of chaos into moments of delight and awe.

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A Year in the '70s


DISCOVERING WILDERNESS It’s the illusions that are peeled away by the realities of my wilderness. From jungles to the road and into the wilderness…

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