Mountains of Zhanjianjie, China where makers of the movie Avatar got their inspiration.

2018 began when I decided to celebrate my 50-year photographic quest with a month-long trip. First to India then China, a three-day train to Tibet, overland to Mt. Everest, Nepal and back to India. For this, I acquired new cameras to replace my faithful Leica's and cherished lenses. Cameras technology keeps advancing; faster, lighter, with mega sensors, digital capacity and a trigger that burns a roll of film (if you had film) before you realized you'd pressed the shutter. After my trip, photography, as I know, has become easy. Too easy. It was time for a change... more


NEW WORK: I went to Llasa to see how the Chinese occupation has changed Tibet. I was moved by the reverence and inner strength of the people. I thought if the Chinese can embrace Tibet, i.e. The Dalai Lama, they will find the secret to longevity.

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‘1980s DECADE

INDULGING DEFIANCE: Photography gave me wings but also a sense of boundless creativity. This was a decade of independence, anti-establishment. It was a decade that avoided entrapment, both stylistic and accomplishment,. an era of exploration and renaissance.

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New Works


NEW WORK: Enter to see photo: This is a work in progress page. SUBSCRIBE for the latest stories, blogs and (if I’ve taken pictures of you in the last 50 years) don’t miss friendship updates. Thank You!

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